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We help fulfil the monthly needs for basic food items including flour, rice, pulses, cooking oil and milk powder. Donors like you can select the quantity of food supplies to give and 100% of that will reach your intended beneficiaries.



Personal hygiene is the first step towards good health and in preventing life-threatening diseases. We help beneficiaries get basic hygiene items including toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitary pads, soap, shampoo and adult diapers. Donors like you can select the quantity of hygiene supplies and 100% of that will reach your intended beneficiaries.


Why Let's All Help?

why lets all help

All beneficiaries are on boarded on platform after a throrough check & due diligence to ensure only organizations involved in Genuine & Impactful work appear on our platform


We operate with complete Transparency to ensure 100% of what you donate reach the beneficiaries - no deductions, admin fees, operational cost or commissions charged to donors or beneficiaries


We focus on taking care of basic needs for vulnerable and marginalized sections of the society, i.e. food and personal hygiene. You donate products, not money.


The food and hygiene products we give to beneficiaries are of standard brands and good quality.


While most of the crowdfunding platforms are catering largely to individual needs, focuses on helping institutions as a whole like orphanages, old age homes, shelters & school


You can claim tax benefits by donating on the platform - you may choose to give one-time, monthly or adopt a beneficiary for a year.

How Let's All Help Works?


Select a cause you want to contribute towards. Choose the products and quantities you wish to donate.


Our Order Fulfilment Partner Bigbasket will deliver the products you have donated to the intended beneficiaries at the end of the month.


You get an email from us with the the “Impact Proof” when the products are delivered to the beneficiary with love.

The story of Let's All Help Movement

India is getting closer to becoming a superpower and one of the top 5 largest economies in the world. Yet, there are still millions of underprivileged people in India who sleep hungry and are void of basic personal hygiene - the root cause of many diseases.  There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching out for their upliftment. started with a profound beli... Read More

Our Mission

To empower people to be the Change Makers who support the underprivileged and make an impact in the area of food and personal hygiene by ensuring complete trust and transparency across our organization and partners

Our Vision

To enable a world where no one sleeps hungry or devoid of basic personal hygiene.

Happy Beneficiaries & Delighted Donors

Cheshire Homes, Mumbai

Set up in 1956, Cheshire Homes serves the cause of terminally ill, disabled and the elderly through the multiple programs developed by them.

We liked the idea of You can come and donate in kind and interact with the residents also.

Sherly Abraham (Beneficiary)
Jeevan Asha

Jeevan Asha provides a comfortable second inning home for senior citizens and takes care of their requirements by providing a stable and healthy environment for them.

I am grateful to for all the support. We expect you to continue for a long time because we will always need your help.

Sister Pramodini (Beneficiary)
Bal Anand

Bal Anand is a children's home where every child is accepted, loved for what he or she is and they have the right to be loved like anyone else.

Meeting you all today has been an unusual & amazing experience. We enjoyed your visit today & look forward to your support for the children of Bal Anand

Sulochana Karlo (Beneficiary)
Rotary Sanskardhaam Academy

Rotary Sanskardham Academy is a school which provides good amenities to ensure that the students with hearing impairment and multiple disabilities are provided with standard education and overall development.

Now with joining us, I think we can make a lot of difference in the lives of these children in terms of their health education.

Lata Nayak (Beneficiary)

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