About Us

India is getting closer to becoming a superpower and one of the top 5 largest economies in the world. Yet, there are still millions of underprivileged people in India who sleep hungry and are void of basic personal hygiene - the root cause of many diseases. 


There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching out for their upliftment. Letsallhelp.org started with a profound belief that we can make a big difference in the lives of the underprivileged if there is a TRUSTED and EFFICIENT way to create a bridge between donors and beneficiaries..


The biggest satisfaction quotient is when you can spread happiness and light a ray of hope in people of the society who are less privileged than you.

Much More Needs to be Done

We aim to make India hunger-free and disease-free by impacting the lives of underprivileged children, men, women and elderly citizens of our country. Letsallhelp.org is a transparent, online platform with zero fees or commission charged to donor or beneficiary to take care of basic food & hygiene needs of orphanages, old homes, shelters and schools in India. At Letsallhelp.org, we operate with complete Transparency and ensure 100% of what you donate reach the beneficiaries. 

Help Wholeheartedly

Millions of fortunate souls like you are willing to help but are concerned mainly about three things.


  1.  Are the beneficiaries really genuine?
  2. How much of my actual donation goes towards helping the needy?
  3. What is the impact of my donation?



At Letsallhelp.org,

  1. we ensure that all the beneficiaries are on boarded after strict due diligence and documentation process.
  2. 100% of what you donate reaches the beneficiary of your choice as there is no fees or commission charge to the donor or the beneficiary.
  3. each donor gets to see the proof of impact transparently as she receives a pictorial evidence of the delivery.

I have always believed in simple yet profound thought – give more than what you get from the society. We wanted to create a platform where donors have 100% Trust, Transparency and know the Impact they are making through their contributions. I believe that each one of us can be a Change Maker so that we can live in a society we have dreamed of, one where everyone is Content, Healthy and Happy.

- Premal Shah, Founder LetsAllHelp.org
Our Mission

To empower people to be the Change Makers who support the underprivileged and make an impact in the area of food and personal hygiene by ensuring complete trust and transparency across our organization and partners

Our Vision

To enable a world where no one sleeps hungry or devoid of basic personal hygiene.

The Change Makers

Premal Shah
Change Maker & Founder

Premal is a complete peoples' person, always helpful and encourages all to be a Change Maker. Loves to spend time with his friends over a cup of coffee.

Tamannaah Bhatia
Change Maker & Chief Social Impact Maker

Tamannaah is a humanitarian, actress & role model. She is as passionate about the community as she is about her career. When she is not working,she prefers to hang out with friends & family.

Proteek Kundu
Change Maker & Head - Partnerships

Proteek plans to use his experience of two decades to make a difference to the lives of the underprivileged. A cycling enthusiast, he enjoys long distance cycling and has a green thumb.

Mukul Pedamkar
Change Maker & Head - Operations

Mukul has the passion for supporting the deprived and believes that uplifting a man equates to uplifting the mankind. He loves travelling and loves spending time with his family.

Steven Enamakel
Change Maker & CTO

Steven started coding at the age of 5 & became an entrepreneur at 19. Studied Computer Science & Mathematics from University of Toronto. He loves building things that leave a deep impact.


Vinay Bhartia
Investor, Advisor & Ex-Alibaba
An investor & an advisor, Vinay is passionate about how technology can impact business. With 18 years of experience, he’s led various roles for Alibaba Group and now Director, India for Lark (larksuite.com). Believes in Jack Ma’s mantra “You need the right people with you, not the best people”.
Girish Agrawal
Director, Incubation Program, Unltd India
Girish Agarwal, a CA & banker brings in over 17 years of experience in manufacturing, financial services & development sector. Currently, as Director of Incubation at UnLtd India, he oversees the program to support early stage Social Entrepreneurs. He loves reading, running & travelling.
Rajiv Mehta
Trustee, Ratnanidhi Charitable Trust
Managing Trustee of Ratnanidhi Charitable Trust, set up to tackle the problem of poverty in Mumbai. They support programs like Mission Million Books, Library on Wheels, Vision One Million, etc and work with global partners like Alibaba Group, Essilor Vision Foundation, Google Foundation World Bank
Sujata Ganega
A graduate in Sociology from Wilson College, Sujata Ganega completed her Masters in Social Work from Nirmala Niketan College of Social Work, Mumbai University. She has worked in the area of Drug Rehabilitation and has been the Executive Director, SUPPORT and a Trustee with SHARE and SANKALP.
Siddharth Patel
Director, One71
Siddarth is a digital evangelist, with a career spanning over 19 years in marketing, digital, technology and sales. Prior to starting his own consulting firm One71 Business Solutions and simultaneously consulting brands, he was heading the retail consumer business vertical at GiveIndia.
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