Bal Anand - Providing a Safe Home to Kids Without a Family

Every night in Mumbai, hundreds of orphaned, abandoned and destitute minors have nowhere to sleep. They are left exposed to the elements or put themselves in dangerous situations in hopes of having things so many of us take for granted – water, food, security and a good night’s sleep.


Bal Anand WWTI (Worldchildren Welfare Trust India) as an NGO began in 1984 in 2 rooms in Sindhi Society, Chembur with 8 children. Their mission is to give a permanent home to the unfortunate children without a family and provides the warmth, care and comforts of home and until an adopting family is found.


Bal Anand family has 34 little members. They have  professionally trained staff, volunteers and caretakers who are giving the care, love and preparing them for the future.


Bal Anand Efforts


It's their main program where children without a family can get a permanent home for their lifelong future.


Temporary Shelter

Bal Anand also looks after children brought by the police or Children Welfare Committee (CWC). These are children who are victims of circumstance with no one to take care of them.  These children are provided shelter and care at Bal Anand till they are reunited with their families.



Every adopted child has a biological background – which holds their true identity. “Roots” is the journey in search of that identity, to find the missing link of their lives prior to being adopted.



It is the home for children with developmental disabilities ranging from cerebral palsy, mild to severe mental issues and some physical disabilities as well. They provide a nurturing environment in which their physical and emotional needs are cared for.


Operating without government aid

Bal Anand has been delivering its mission through the love and support of several individual volunteers from across the world. Businesses, groups, associations or individuals can adopt or donate to Bal Anand. All donations go directly to the beneficiary and you will be given regular updates on the project.


Message from Bal Anand

“Children brighten up our hearts, make us smile for no reason and they are the future that our country is riding on! They need the right direction, guidance and they only need to be shown a path to create miracles in their journey of Life. A simple act of kindness is way superior than a thousand heads bowing down in prayers. Lets all make a vicious circle of kindness, charity and help Bal Anand to make a bright future for our country !” and Bal Anand joins hands in Bal Anand’s mission of providing love, warmth, care and comfort of a home to all orphaned, abandoned and destitute minors through adoption.


What they need and how you can contribute

Bal Anand needs the following every month to support 55 children and support staff.


Rice - 102 kg/month

Pulses (Dal) - 122 kg/month

Flour (Atta) - 204 kg/month

Cooking Oil - 20 lt/month

Milk Powder - 102kg/month

Tooth Brush - 34/month

Tooth Paste - 7/month

Shampoo - 1/month

Soap - 9/month



Click here to see how much has been donated already and how you can contribute towards Bal Anand’s food and hygiene needs.


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