Letsallhelp.org Addresses Charity Donors' Two Biggest Concerns

A recent report by CAF on giving and charity in India revealed some interesting facts about the Whys and Hows of donation.


The most common causes to which donations are made include poverty, religious organizations and children. Moreover, the most common reason cited for donating was that it made the donor feel good.


When it comes to donations in India, there are two main concerns donors have. 


The first concern relates to uncertainty about the actual use of money donated. The report suggests, 38% of respondents of the study would donate more money if they knew exactly how it would be spent, while 32% would donate more if there were more transparency in the NPO/charity sector. 


The second concern relates to uncertainty about the actual impact an individual donation can have. In the 2018 India Philanthropy Report, respondents were asked if they know the impact of their giving. Donors gave low ratings to the outcome of their philanthropic effort. This illustrates the widespread presence of concern about how much one person can make an impact.


As a donor in India, you will likely have the same concerns. At the same time, you want to make a difference with your money in whatever way possible.


That’s where Letsallhelp.org comes in.


At Letsallhelp, we are driven by a mission - to make India hunger-free and disease-free by impacting the lives of underprivileged kids, women, elderly and other citizens in need. 


We use a 100% transparent, zero-fee online platform through which you can select a cause of your choice and choose the quantities of food or hygiene products that you wish to donate. We will buy the products from quality suppliers and deliver them to people in need, providing you with full proof along the way.


With Letsallhelp, you need never worry about where your money is going. We take no fees or commissions ourselves, so every rupee you give goes to the people you need it. 


We have partnered with premium suppliers like BigBasket and Metro Cash N Carry so that the food and hygiene products you donate are of the same quality as you would buy for yourselves. 


We also ensure transparency by providing complete proof at each stage of the donation journey, from the bill of purchase for the products to photographs of the beneficiaries with your donated items. 


When it comes to impact, you might well have concerns. In a country where so many are suffering from hunger and deprivation, how can one donation make any difference? 


At Letsallhelp, we emphasize that every donation has an immediate and positive impact. When you buy 10kg of rice today, a child from the orphanage will get a meal for 30 days. When you donate 100 sanitary napkins today, a group of women can have a dignified and safe period this month. What you give is directly making someone’s life better - and that evokes a feeling of satisfaction nothing can replace.


When you donate with Letsallhelp, you are making India a better place, right here, right now. Donate today and bring a smile to someone’s face.



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