Periods Around the World Including India Where Menstruation is Taboo

Periods are an essential part of every woman’s body cycle. Access to necessary hygiene products during one’s period, be it sanitary pads or menstrual cups, is something many women take for granted. And yet, for millions of women around the world, sanitary products are an unaffordable luxury.


The concept of period poverty has only recently been defined, to describe the lack of access to and awareness of menstrual hygiene products. For a vast multitude of women in third-world countries, sanitary napkins and tampons are too costly to afford every month. Women are thus forced to resort to other methods, such as cloth, lint cotton or homemade pads made from various materials. 


A photo series from WaterAid depicts these alternative methods poignantly, from the goatskin skirt used in Uganda to the pads made from wrapping cow patties in a pouch in Zambia. While these methods are often effective, their prolonged use leads to a greater risk of infection and diseases like cervical cancer.


In countries like India, the stigma surrounding menstruation is even greater. Women on their period are not permitted to enter places of worship or even the kitchen. In many villages, they are sent to menstrual huts during their periods where they must stay alone and in discomfort away from their families. Moreover, periods are regarded as a matter of shame, so that girls and women must always remain conscious about ensuring that no one – particularly men – finds out if they are on their period.


Every woman deserves dignity, even when she is on her period. No matter her income level or her family background, she deserves access to appropriate hygiene products so that she stays safe and clean throughout her monthly cycle.


That’s where comes in.


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