Seal Ashram: Giving Destitute and Homeless Another Shot at Life

Countless people come to the city of Mumbai to chase their aspirations. While we often hear of the great success stories of those you made it in this city of dreams, there have been the unfortunate many who have been left helpless and homeless, wandering the streets of this unforgiving city.


Established in 1999, Social and Evangelical Association for Love (SEAL) is a non-profit organisation (NGO) dedicated to the mission of rescuing destitute and missing children from the railway platforms and streets of Mumbai. SEAL rescues the young and old, men and women, the sick, lost and forsaken, and provides them with another shot at life! Along with providing food, shelter, clothing, health-care and education, Seal Ashram strives to trace their families back home, and reunite the lost.



Currently, Seal Ashram shelter is home to 224 underprivileged people, mainly HIV and Tuberculosis patients, mentally challenged, handicapped, visually impaired and fully orphaned, all of whom now have a re-kindled hope of leading a purposeful life.


So far, SEAL has reunited 275 residents back to their long awaiting families across India; or else they might have been thrown into oblivion forever. Most of them were vagabonds and missing from home for long periods of time.



Seal Ashram’s Efforts


SEAL Ashram rescues the young and old, men and women, the sick, lost or forsaken from the streets and railway platforms of Mumbai.


The Ashram provides medical care to the rescued, most of them being HIV+ or stricken with deadly diseases such as Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, Mental retardation, etc.


While it is a blessing to have the residents staying at the Ashram, the team helps find their families and get them reunited with their loved ones.


At God’s Valley Mission School, SEAL Ashram strives to provide good education to the children, to prepare them to face the world.

Operating without government aid

SEAL has no Government aid or permanent supporters from India or abroad. Seal Ashram operates with individual donations from the public. Today, SEAL is a major referral point for nearly 20 NGOs, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai Police, Medical Colleges, Hospitals and well-wishers.


Plan to help many more waiting to be helped

SEAL has extensive plans to expand its facilities; while every effort is being made to improve the facilities of the existing residents, SEAL is working tirelessly towards its mission of making the streets of this vibrant city free of such unfortunate victims of destiny. and SEAL Ashram joins hands in SEAL Ashram’s mission of rescuing destitute and missing children from the railway platforms and streets of Mumbai and assist in monthly food and personal hygiene requirements. Individuals can choose to donate food and monthly hygiene products through platform and 100% of donated products will reach SEAL Ashram. 


What they need and how you can contribute

SEAL Ashram needs the following every month to support 275+ residents and support staff.


Rice - 760 kg / month 

Pulses (Dal) – 910 kg /month 

Flour (Atta) – 1500 kg/month 

Cooking Oil – 150 lt/month 

Milk Powder – 760 kg/month 


Sanitary Pads – 103 packets /month

Adult Diapers (pack of 10) – 69 packets / month

Toothbrushes – 260 /month

Toothpaste (20 gm) – 50 /month 

Shampoo (180 ml) – 11 /month  

Soap (pack 4 soaps) – 63 /month


Click here to see how much has been donated already and how you can contribute towards SEAL Ashram’s food and hygiene needs. 


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