What is Letsallhelp.org movement and how it aims to transform India

According to the India Philanthropy Report 2019, private donations have reached INR 70000 crore in 2018. The figure has been increasing over the last five years, and it is encouraging to see how more and more people are choosing to give to those less privileged than themselves.


To know more about the reasons behind giving to charity, the CAF India examined giving trend; why and how people of different ages and social groups give in India. 


Some of interesting findings include,


55% of respondents donated to causes that helped the poor, while 68% of donations are made in cash.


When it came to the reasons for donating, 56% of respondents gave a simple yet powerful reason – it feels good.


And that’s where Letsallhelp comes in.


Letsallhelp.org was started by serial entrepreneur Premal Shah, who was later joined by leading Indian actress Tamannaah Bhatia. They were motivated by a simple yet profound belief - that we can each make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged if there is a trustworthy and effective platform to connect donors and recipients. Thus, Letsallhelp.org was born - a transparent online donation platform that fulfils basic food and hygiene needs of orphanages, old-age shelters, rescue homes and unaided schools in India. 


According to the report by Bain Group, India needs an additional INR 4.2 lakh crore to achieve five out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by UN for 2030 and embraced by 193 countries including India.


Among these goals are the eradication of poverty and the elimination of hunger. These might seem monumental, but every donation is a step in the right direction – and Letsallhelp.org can help you make that first step today.


We are on a mission to make India hunger-free and disease-free by impacting the lives of women, children, the elderly and other underprivileged citizens. What guides and motivates us is the fact that it feels good to donate – to know that orphans are going to sleep on a full stomach and that young girls have access to sanitary supplies thanks to your donations.


So what sets Letsallhelp.org apart from other donation platforms?


When it comes to donating in the future, 38% of respondents in the India Giving Report said that they would consider donating more if they knew how their money was being spent, while 32% said that they would donate more if there was greater transparency in the NGO/charity sector. 


At Letsallhelp, we follow a zero-fee, 100% transparent model where every rupee you donate is spent directly on purchasing and providing food and/or hygiene supplies for the charity of your choice without any deductions or commissions. 


We believe that everyone is entitled to quality food and hygiene supplies. That’s why we have partnered with BigBasket and Metro Cash & Carry and several regional companies to ensure that the products we buy with your donations are of the same quality that you would buy for your own households.


What’s more, you’re given full transparency on every step of the donation process from the moment you complete the payment to the point when the food and supplies are handed over to the charity.


Let us help you feel good. Allow us to give your donation to those who need it the most.

Donate today. It feels good.

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