Why Donating Products Drives More Impact vs Just Money

According to a research study by Sattva on everyday giving in India, regular donations are motivated by four triggers - convenience, urgency, community and impact.


People respond to immediate pleas for help, such as their household help asking for some old clothes or a child on the street begging for a meal. This is because they can make an immediate impact by giving something specific to someone who needs it - and they are confident that their donation has been put to the right use.


On the other hand, while online monetary donations are becoming increasingly popular, there is an ever-present concern among donors about how their money is being spent. Many of the platforms that facilitate online donations deduct hefty commissions from whatever money is donated. Moreover, there is often little transparency on what the money is being spent on and whether it is benefitting those who need it.


In this context, donating actual products becomes a much better option. By giving actual quantities of food, clothing and hygiene products, you ensure that the underprivileged are getting what they need. There are no transaction fees or commissions involved and no ambiguity on where your money is going - you are making a clear, unambiguous difference.


But let’s say you’re based out of Bangalore, and there’s an NGO in Mumbai you want to help. How can you donate lunches to 200 children in a different city? You can’t fly down yourself and there is no one to do it on your behalf.


What is the solution?


The answer - donate through Letsallhelp.org.


At Letsallhelp, we are motivated by a simple yet powerful mission - to ensure that the underprivileged are not deprived of their basic food and hygiene needs. For this reason, we have a 100% transparent online donation platform where you can choose the cause of your choice and choose the products you wish to donate. 


We have partnered with BigBasket, Metro Cash N Carry and several regional brands to ensure that the products you donate are of the same quality as you would buy for your own home. And we provide proof at every step of the donation journey, from the bill of purchase to photographs of the recipients with the items you have given to them.


Why donate with us, though?


At Letsallhelp, we focus on product donations - on providing beneficiaries with a monthly supply of food and hygiene products. We follow a zero-fee system, so that every rupee you donate gets converted into actual products for people in need. We thus eliminate the ambiguity associated with monetary donations - whatever you give, is used for the right purpose.


What’s more, donating through our platform allows you to reach out to any cause across India. We will buy the food and hygiene products on your behalf and send them to the orphanage, old-age home or rescue shelter of your choice. You will also get photographs of the recipients with your donations. We thus allow you to experience the same feeling of certainty and satisfaction as when you give clothes to your household help or food to the child on the street. 


It is through private donations by people like you that India can make significant strides forward in eliminating poverty and hunger. 


Visit our beneficiary page today and donate to a cause.



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