What is the Junior Changemaker program?

The junior changemaker program is an initiative launched by letsallhelp.org for the children by the children. At letsallhelp.org, we are on a mission to end hunger and spread good health & hygiene among the underprivileged section of India. On our journey to achieve this goal, we saw huge enthusiasm from kids and youth in schools, colleges and universities to do something to help empower underprivileged kids and give them a better future. This enthusiasm inspired us to create a program for the youth to make a meaningful change in the lives of the underserved.

How it works?

As Junior Changemakers, kids and youth pledge to help 10 to 100 underprivileged kids with a kit of monthly food and personal hygiene supplies. Through their initiative page on letsallhelp.org, they reach out and empower family, friends and good samaritans to support their cause and drive donations.

1 Food & hygiene kit (750 INR) =
1 month supply

Youth with an access email and social media accounts can sign up themselves or parents can sign-up their child as a Junior Changemaker. 100% of donations contributed towards each Junior Changemaker’s initiative go to the chosen beneficiary.

“I am lucky to have everything I need taken care of by my mom & dad. I wanted to help lesser privileged kids so they too can dream of a better future. As Junior Changemaker, I have helped 50 kids. I feel good.”


Ayaansh Shah,

Junior Changemaker. Age 10 years.

Our army of Junior Changemakers

Top Changemakers # of Children Helped Level
Sarah Mehra Sarah Mehra 202 Gold
Ayaansh Shah Ayaansh Shah 121 Gold
Aarhan Roy Chowdhury Aarhan Roy Chowdhury 101 Gold
Siddhanth Sheth Siddhanth Sheth 80 Gold
Abheer Pedamkar Abheer Pedamkar 46 Silver
Bhagyadha Thareja
Bhagyadha Thareja 44 Silver
Araina & Smera Bhartia Araina & Smera Bhartia 42 Silver
Krishnika Kundu Krishnika Kundu 38 Silver
Aarna Shah Aarna Shah 37 Silver

How do you make an impact as a Junior Changemaker?


Register as a junior Changemaker

Begin your journey by signing up & choose the number of lives you want to transform. Once you register, we create your own initiative page on the website.


Spread the word

Inspire people to support your cause. Share your initiative page via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp or email. Parents can assist their child’s initiative by sharing on their behalf. Ask your friends and family members to help your mission to make a positive change.


See your impact

See your page receive donations. At the end of the month, our partner Big Basket will deliver kits to respective beneficiaries. You feel the joy of making a positive change & be proud.


Earn your badge

In recognition of your efforts, you earn Changemaker badges. Based on the number of children you have helped, you earn bronze, silver, gold and platinum badges. Badges are added to your initiative page for you to proudly show the impact you have made.

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