Hi! I am Aarna Shah, a Junior Changemaker

Aarna Shah

The junior changemaker program is an initiative launched by letsallhelp.org for the children by the children. I have joined the mission to end hunger and spread good health & hygiene among the underprivileged section of India.

Will you join my drive to empower underprivileged kids and give them a better future by making a meaningful change?


I have pledged to help

Underprivileged children with food & hygeine kit.

I have received support for


Your contributions will go to SEAL Ashram

Area of work

A non-profit organisation dedicated to the mission of rescuing destitute & missing children from the railway platforms & streets of Mumbai.

NGO's efforts

Countless people arrive in this city of dreams to chase their aspirations. While we often hear of the great success stories, there have been the unfortunate many who have been left helpless and homeless, wandering in the streets of this unforgiving city.

SEAL rescues the young and old, men and women, the sick, lost and forsaken, and provides them with another shot at life! Along with providing food, shelter, clothing, health-care and education at our Ashram, we strive to trace their families back home, and reunite the lost.

Presently, the NGO's humble shelter is a home to 224 underprivileged people, mainly HIV and Tuberculosis patients, mentally challenged, handicapped, visually impaired and fully orphaned, all of whom now have a re-kindled hope of leading a purposeful life.

So far, SEAL has reunited 275 residents back to their long awaiting families across India; or else they might have been thrown into oblivion forever. Most of them were vagabonds and missing from home for long periods of time.

Above all, SEAL is proud that it could provide a peaceful and merciful death bed to another 272 dear ones found on the streets of Mumbai and elsewhere, stricken with terminally ill diseases or abandoned to die in pathetic conditions. SEAL carried out the burial/ funeral rites of these unfortunate souls and ensured that they get a dignified farewell.

Bridging Kindness & Gratitude