Hi! I am Prachi Keshan, a Junior Changemaker

Prachi Keshan

The junior changemaker program is an initiative launched by letsallhelp.org for the children by the children. I have joined the mission to end hunger and spread good health & hygiene among the underprivileged section of India.

Will you join my drive to empower underprivileged kids and give them a better future by making a meaningful change?


I have pledged to help

Underprivileged children with food & hygeine kit.

I have received support for


Your contributions will go to Home of Faith Charitable Trust

The 'Home Of Faith' is an orphanage in Bengaluru which was founded in 2004 and is home to less privileged yet highly talented children who have nowhere else to call home. The home provides them a clean and safe living environment, high-quality education, simple yet nutritious food and a beautiful environment to nurture each of their talents. We are committed to rescueing children who are underprivileged, downtrodden, socially abused and those suffering from forced labour, orphans and destitutes give them an opportunity to remake their lives by providing a home where they are cared for and inspired to reach their potential. After getting a second chance in life, it is our vision that they too will help the future generations of under privileged children in a similar way.

Bridging Kindness & Gratitude