Hi! I am Shreya Bansal, a Junior Changemaker

Shreya Bansal

The junior changemaker program is an initiative launched by letsallhelp.org for the children by the children. I have joined the mission to end hunger and spread good health & hygiene among the underprivileged section of India.

Will you join my drive to empower underprivileged kids and give them a better future by making a meaningful change?


I have pledged to help

Underprivileged children with food & hygeine kit.

I have received support for


Your contributions will go to Mother Foundation

Area of work

A non-profit organisation dedicated to providing care, protection, and support to children living on streets and their families.

NGO's efforts

Mother Foundation is working with Street children and youth for their rights, like survival, protection, and development in participation with the help of the Govt. systems & networking with other NGO.

Through awareness programs for parents/ guardians, the NGO is working for the underprivileged, BPL families as homeless families, Street children & youth for last 10 years with a firm belief that working in collaboration with Government machinery and all stakeholders (like children, parents, NGOs, Remand homes, counselors, Trainers, employers etc.) will help reduce menace of child abuse, child labour and child exploitation. In order to promote the goal they provide care and protection to about 50 street/ beggar children in our night shelter.

They also undertake various activities/programs like counseling, formal/informal education, training camps, medical aid support etc. and educate children about hostile conditions, his/her rights, Government facilities available, help centers etc.

The aim of Mother Foundation is the security, safety and providing the right guidance to the girls and woman who live on the streets, platforms and terminus and religions places.

The NGO will work on their education skills vocational training and their security and safety and providing them aright source of nutrition and medical treatments not also this but teaching them the values and the way of living and how they will represent themselves.

The Mother Foundation undertakes the following activities at its centre.

  • Education
  • Cloth Distribution camp
  • Food distribution
  • Awareness for Swachh Bharat

The Mother Foundation runs the following projects:


With the objective to give every child and youth protection from the abusers, Mother Foundation conducts field work to locate and save missing children.


It is another project run by the NGO where it conducts missions to free children from the menace of child labour.

The Night Shelter

The main objective of the shelter is to get street children off the streets at a time when they are at their most vulnerable. Street children are given shelter at the centre of NGO. The night shelter serves the following goals:

  • To provide security and a home to street children
  •  To provide facilities for cleanliness
  •  To provide literacy programs
  •  To provide medical aid and supervision
  •  To provide love and affection
  •  To provide a working model
Bridging Kindness & Gratitude